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Foreign economics support

Siberian export-import agency was created to provide services for Siberian exporters and other regions of the country on entering to the foreign markets to sell their products (services), searching for partners in other countries, export and trade finance organization, export risk insurance, import equipment purchase assistance, investments attraction, including those in the joint ventures form, public-private partnerships and investment projects.

Our company is represented by professionals with wide bank experience, trained in major foreign banks and owning a wide array of banking, stock exchange and insurance instruments that have experience in the implementation of major investment projects, international trade, structuring complex export-import transactions, lending both small and medium-sized businesses, and large companies.

We are familiar with all existing measures variety of public financial and non-financial support from the federal and regional authorities and public administration, international financial organizations.

We have pragmatic and friendly relations with the state and public structures, contributing to business development, chambers of commerce, professional associations, regional industrial parks, economic zones, science cities, Russian Sciences Academy research institutes, universities, banking circles, insurance companies, representatives of culture, arts and sports.

Over the years we have been developing relationships with foreign trade missions, diplomatic agencies, chambers of commerce of foreign countries, within the territory of Siberia, attended and self-organizing business missions, contacts with foreign business circles participated in the preparation of business agreements Siberian regions with foreign partners, regional economic programs, business negotiations.

Our opinions, estimates and our experts opinions are eagerly demanded by the media.

National export development is the priority task for the Russian economy, and this is very facilitated by the establishment in July 2015 of the Federal export center, which acts as a single window and helps in promotion of foreign market goods and services of local producers, exporting risk insurance and export financing. Our company aims to choose the shortest and the best way for our partner in finding a reliable foreign counterparty receiving state support measures, with a maximum risk reduction, avoidance of errors and helps to establish long-term, stable and profitable business relationship with foreign companies.

We are interested in export and import products in the field of medicine and biotechnology, energy, mining industry, the environment, housing, the agricultural sector (machinery, equipment, feed, food), unmanned technology, new materials, design, construction, geological exploration, military-industrial complex products, aviation and space industry non-military, etc.

We are interested in exporting companies from all Siberian cities and the rest of Russia, in particular, we look forward to working with companies of our small towns, for which it is rather complicated to enter into the international arena.

Working with exporters from various economic sectors, we experience a genuine sense of pride in the our Russian scientific intelligence achievements, hard work and ingenuity in useful things creation for people, now exported from Novosibirsk into 100 countries.

A lot of scientific ideas have not been implemented and are still waiting for this, so the Siberian innovative export potential development is yet to come!

6 reasons why we are chosen
  1. Long-term experience in the market.
  2. Good knowledge of the region's economy.
  3. A wide range of partners and experts.
  4. Stable and long-lasting business relationships.
  5. State support organisation.
  6. Assistance in your business development.